• Project Title: Chinmaya Mission San Jose

  • Completed: 05/22/2011
  • Category: Web Development > Web Programming
  • URL: http://chinmaya-seva.org/events/index.php?page=marathon-or2011
  • Description: Part of a non-profit volunteer team for the maintenance and programming of applications in the Chinmaya Mission San Jose Group. Using PHP and MySQL to create registration database and access for registered participants. Registration process was for a fund raising event. A half and full marathon.

  • Project Title: Zekre

  • Completed: 09/15/2010
  • Category: Web Development > Web Programming
  • URL: http://www.zekre.com
  • Description: Zekre is an upcoming Social Networking site that is purely dedicated to professionals. Developed this in conjunction with team in India.

    Features like
    a. Chat
    b. Powerpoint sharing
    c. Video Conferencing
    d. Desktop Sharing
    e. Voice and Video Chat
    f. Jobs
    g. Volunteer Opportunities
    h. Friends, Family, Business and Employees
    i. Text Messaging
    j. Images, Videos and Audio Sharing
    and many many more features were implemented by us completely.

  • Project Title: Arrayent

  • Completed: 01/10/2010
  • Category: Web Development > Ecommerce
  • URL: http://www.arrayent.com
  • Description: Created the e-commerce section of the Arrayent website. Including a custom PHP based updatable shopping cart . Interface to Paypal as well as local credit card checkout. Re-structured the navigation. Modified Style sheets. Edited Video for homepage. Creation of HTML newsletters for monthly updates and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

  • Project Title: Cool2film website

  • Completed: 04/22/2009
  • Category: Design & Multimedia > Logo Design
  • URL: http://www.cool2film.com
  • Description: Created the cool2film logo used in West Valley College on website to inspire up and coming film and video professionals.

  • Project Title: Nichole-in-One Golf Apparel for Girls

  • Completed: 04/22/2009
  • Category: Design & Multimedia > Logo Design
  • URL: http://www.nichole-in-one.com
  • Description: Developed the logo for a Golf Apparel line of clothing for girls. Using Illustrator and Photoshop.

  • Project Title: Abhinaya Dance Company

  • Completed: 03/22/2006
  • Category: Web Development > Web Design
  • URL: http://www.abhinaya.org
  • Description: Created the original Abhinaya Dance Company website in its entirety. Color, Layout ,Typography, User Interface and Navigation. Created special Flash banners for their 30th anniversary as well as HTML newsletters.

  • Project Title: Los Gatos Education Foundation

  • Completed: 06/22/2005
  • Category: Web Development > Web Design
  • URL: http://www.lgef.org
  • Description: From concept to creation worked with the Los Gatos Education Foundation to create a website to make parents aware of the programs that require funding in the Los Gatos Saratoga joint union school district.

    Skills Used:
    Graphic Deisgn using Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop
    Payment processing using PayPal API's
    Database setup using mySQL and PHP
    Server Technologies Apache Tomcat
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